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First Aid One Shot

What is the condition of the water in your swimming pool? If your pool has algae, pollen, oils, gunk and grime in the water then First Aid One Shot can help. First Aid is designed to fix pool problems fast, by … Continue reading

Get Your Pool Ready For Summer!

We here at Viscount Pool and Spa are ready for summer, and hope you are too! We know the weather has been less than ideal recently, but don’t let that stop you from getting your pool ready and cleaned up! … Continue reading

Inground or Above Ground Pools?

Pools, Pools, Pools! Summer is on it’s way! That means time out in the sun, warm Michigan weather, and if you’re lucky, time by the pool with friends and family! You might be weighing your options on what kind of … Continue reading

Winter Pool Maintenance

Ways You Can Help Your Pool Before Spring. This winter has been one for the records as one of the mildest winters we’ve ever had. It seems like it’s it’s barely been below freezing. While this maybe awesome for some … Continue reading