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Winterizing Chemicals and Other Products

Pool Covers

Winterizing Your Pool For many pool owners, Labor Day (or soon after) is when they will close, or winterize their pools. Understanding the proper steps to take, what winterizing chemicals to use, as well as understanding the pH and alkalinity levels … Continue reading

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Inground or Above Ground Pools?

Pools, Pools, Pools! Summer is on it’s way! That means time out in the sun, warm Michigan weather, and if you’re lucky, time by the pool with friends and family! You might be weighing your options on what kind of … Continue reading

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Spring Into Pool Season With Specials

THIS PROMOTION HAS EXPIRED Viscount Monroe no longer has Billiards, refer to Waterford as clearance center for Tables. Get 25% off Pool Toys!* The weather in Michigan is breaking for spring. It’s time to reopen your pool and get ready for … Continue reading

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