Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to help you maintain your swimming pool, pool table or hot tub, of course for more information about servicing your pools, pool tables or hot tubs give us a call today at 586-677-7665.

Water Testing and Water Maintenance

Testing your water can help prevent maintenance on your hot tub and keep the hot tub sanitary for its users. Also, correct water management starts by analyzing and balancing of the hot tub water. Water tests such as pH and sanitizer … Continue reading

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How to winterize a hot tub!

Well, it is close to that time of the year when for whatever reason some people decide to close their hot tubs for the winter. Here is the preferred way to winterize a hot tub. We feel that winterization should be … Continue reading

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Closing A Pool in 4 Steps and 4 Days

The end of the summer can be devastating to pool loungers everywhere. Don’t fret! Summer will be back soon. Until then, preserve the summer glory by taking the necessary steps to properly close your swimming pool in Michigan. Day 1: … Continue reading

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